Eight Options Regarding Concrete Finishing

Eight Options Regarding Concrete Finishing

Eight Options Regarding Concrete Finishing

12 March 2020
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Concrete finishing is a great way to optimize the look of concrete structures. You have numerous options to choose from if you want concrete finishing done on a structure you're building.

It's important to familiarize yourself with the various options available so that you know you're making the best choices regarding finishing. The following are eight options that you'll want to consider when it comes to your concrete finishing. 


If you want to maximize the smoothness of your concrete surface, troweling is a good finishing technique to consider. Troweling refers to drawing a trowel over poured concrete to smooth out any crevices or imperfections. 

Troweling is a concrete finishing technique that is typically used on garage, basement, and warehouse floors. It is also commonly used to smooth out surfaces on concrete porches. 

Broom finish

A broom finish is an important concrete finishing option to consider if you're trying to make your concrete surface slip resistant. A broom-finished surface will be smoothed out like as with troweling, but it will also offer some texture.

While broom-finished surfaces offer more traction than surfaces with troweling, they could get slippery if they become wet. 

Exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate is an exposed type of concrete finish. This type of finish is an attempt to mimic old-fashioned sidewalks of the past.

When this type of finish is created on a concrete surface, the top layer of concrete is washed away. This results in an even more slip-resistant surface than that which is achieved with a broom finish. 


Edging is a concrete finishing technique that is used to limit any cracking that a concrete surface experiences over time. With edging, either beveled or round edges are formed into concrete at the joints and edges. 


If you want to achieve a concrete surface with texture, you can opt for stamped concrete. Stamped concrete will feature designs that are inlaid on the concrete surface. These designs could mimic the look of stone or brick. They can also be designed to create decorative patterns. 


Usually, a salt finish is used to complete the look of a deck where a swimming pool is installed. This type of finish helps to minimize slipping and has many small pits in it. 


Finishing a concrete surface can involve applying a coloring. Various pigments and stains can be applied.

Usually, concrete finishing with coloring involves applying an earthy color like a tan or brown hue. However, there are other options. When it comes to staining, it is not uncommon for a white or black stain to be applied to concrete. 


Polishing is a good way to improve the appearance of a concrete surface and improve slip resistance. A polished concrete surface will appear smooth and glossy. Polishing results in a concrete surface that is generally easier to maintain. 

Reach out to concrete finishing services for more information.

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