Why You Need To Invest In Parking Lot Striping Services

Why You Need To Invest In Parking Lot Striping Services

Why You Need To Invest In Parking Lot Striping Services

30 July 2020
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When you have an asphalt parking lot or other asphalt pavement installed at a commercial property, it is imperative that the surface is line striped immediately. This process is designed to mark crosswalks, entrances, and a variety of other safety features on the asphalt surface. It is also used to divide a commercial parking lot into parking spaces. Once the parking lot striping process is complete, the lines will last several years before they begin to fade. Once this happens, they need to be restriped. If your asphalt surface has not been striped or the lines are fading, here are a few reasons why you need to consider investing in a parking lot striping service.

Visual Appeal

When an asphalt surface is freshly striped, it is incredibly attractive. Bright colors are used by companies to mark asphalt surfaces. Yellow and/or white stripes can be used to mark your parking lot. For disabled spaces, different colors can be used—usually blue. By opting to restripe your parking lot once the colors begin to fade, you will boost the curb appeal of your overall commercial property, projecting a more professional image of your business and potentially attracting more clients or customers.

Improved Parking Lot Management

The primary reason to have your parking lot striped is so that the parking areas can be more organized. These stripes will specify various spaces in your lot, ensuring that your customers, clients, and workers have plenty of spaces to park in when visiting your business. Restriping the parking lot will help keep the parking lot organized and efficient.

Safety Purposes

When you have a properly striped parking lot, it is much safer for customers, clients, and the like to use. The chance of a collision between vehicles in the parking lot is less likely to occur. Drivers are able to more clearly tell where a parking space is, since the lines are clearly defined on the asphalt surface. Therefore, to prevent accident-related liabilities, make sure that your asphalt parking lot always has vibrant striping.

ADA and Fire Code Compliance

The striping and restriping of a parking lot for a commercial building are important due to the fact that you need to remain in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and local fire codes. The ADA requires that your parking lot has a certain number of parking spots for individuals who are disabled/handicapped. You need to ensure that your parking lot is properly striped and restriped to adhere to these regulations to avoid being fined. The same is true when it comes to local fire codes, as your parking lot must have a clearly defined lane for potential fire emergencies.

If your asphalt parking lot or pavement is in need of striping or restriping, contact a parking lot striping service in your area.

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