Professional Asphalt Services For Your New Paved Driveway

Professional Asphalt Services For Your New Paved Driveway

Professional Asphalt Services For Your New Paved Driveway

26 October 2020
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A new patch of pavement for your residential parking area, driveway, or patio should be installed with the proper preparation, detail for the surrounding landscape, and consideration for the upcoming wear and tear from traffic and weather patterns. When you hire a professional asphalt crew, there are some considerable preparation and planning tasks to make sure it is a success and future maintenance for a long-lasting surface. Here are some services your professional asphalt paving company will need to handle in order to install and provide ongoing maintenance and upkeep for your new asphalt driveway.

Soil Preparation and Grading

One of the most important aspects of any new pavement installation, whether it is concrete, asphalt, or paving stones is the foundation preparation of the existing soil. Your professional asphalt crew is going to look at the existing soil on the site and evaluate it for several factors before they can start the prep work for the pavement's installation. They will look at the type of soil on the site and its ability for good drainage, which is essential for the foundation of your pavement. Poor pavement foundation drainage will lead to surface cracking soon after it is poured and smoothed. They will level and compact a good drainage subbase material onto the site before the asphalt's installation.

Another consideration is the actual soil and grading slope on your property's site. If the grading of the area is not prepared for the asphalt installation, it can also lead to improper drainage upon the surface of your pavement. The surface of your asphalt's driveway also needs to be level and without sunken spots and a central ridge that allows for water to slope slightly to each side. When rain falls upon your asphalt you don't want it to sit in place but flow off the sides and into the surrounding soil.

Upkeep and Repairs

After a smooth asphalt driveway is poured and leveled, over time the condition of the asphalt is going to age and deteriorate. Damage to the surface will appear as cracks, graying of the surface color, and loosening of aggregate as the binders dry out. Be sure to arrange for regular crack repairs to prevent pothole formation. Your professional asphalt crew can fill small and large cracks and level to correct any sinking over the surface.

Another recommended treatment for your asphalt is a sealcoating treatment every few years. Look to apply this after several years and the condition of the surface begins to dry out and show the formation of cracks. Learn more about residential paving services in your area today. 

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