Improvement And Protective Tasks You Can Do To Make Sure Your Pavement Lasts

Improvement And Protective Tasks You Can Do To Make Sure Your Pavement Lasts

Improvement And Protective Tasks You Can Do To Make Sure Your Pavement Lasts

11 March 2020
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Pavement gives you a durable work surface and a place for your property's vehicles and equipment and also keeps down dust and mud that can make its way into your home. But although pavement makes a great durable surface, it also needs care and protection to help it remain a useful part of your property. Here are some ways you can take care of, lengthen the lifetime, and improve the appearance of your property's pavement and concrete work.

Apply Protective Treatments

When you think of pavement you may not always think of protecting it from the elements because of its traditional surface integrity. However, time and weather conditions can break down the surface of your concrete and asphalt. Erosion to your asphalt pavement and concrete surfaces turns your smooth and durable surface into a crumbling and decaying surface. 

Look into applying a protective sealcoating layer to your asphalt to protect and lengthen its condition. Asphalt is made up of tar emulsion binders that can break down over time, and that the sealcoating protective layer restores and conditions the pavement. 

Your asphalt professional can recommend any repairs that your asphalt needs before a surface sealcoating is applied. You may need to fill in some simple cracks but might also need to repair a sunken spot or alligator pattern cracking that can occur from foundation problems. But with a sealcoating layer, the asphalt's surface will have restored flexibility and moisture protection, which further protects your asphalt as water does not seep below the surface to cause damage to the base layers and foundation.

Keep Them Clean of Harmful Chemicals

Whenever your asphalt is in need of a sealcoating treatment, it is important you first, clean it of damaging chemicals and residues that will impede the sealcoating's success and cause further damage. Harmful chemicals can drop onto your pavement from your vehicles and soften the asphalt's binding materials. A good cleaning with a degreaser solvent will remove oils, fuels, and other harmful residues from your asphalt to stop damage that can eat through your pavement to the ground below.

If you are applying a sealcoat treatment yourself, you should look for a good pavement cleaner with a local asphalt supply retailer or a home improvement store before you sealcoat. If, however, you are hiring a professional sealcoat treatment, the asphalt contractor can remove all damaging fluids and prepare the asphalt with necessary repairs before they apply the new sealcoating treatment. A sealcoating looks best when your asphalt is made of a level and crack-free surface.

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