Is It Smart To Install Pavement Walkways At Your Home?

Is It Smart To Install Pavement Walkways At Your Home?

Is It Smart To Install Pavement Walkways At Your Home?

24 March 2020
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Some people don't necessarily think of pavement when they are building residential properties. That is, they think of concrete as the first choice for driveways, walkways and other foot paths around their home exterior. But, it should be said that there are some very good reasons to install pavement around your home. This article looks at some of the advantages and drawbacks of having pavement instead of concrete.

The Color

Depending on your home style, you may love or hate the pitch black look of pavement. It could compliment your exterior colors, or you might think that gray concrete would look better. While it is largely a matter of aesthetics and personal choice, the color of your walkways is important for other reasons. For example, if you live in a hot, sunny climate, the black surface can heat up more than concrete. So, you might not be able to walk without shoes on a hot day. Also, pavement can be more slippery that concrete, because it doesn't have as much texture. This is mainly only something you need to consider if your pavement is on a steep slope or if it rains a lot.

The Installation

Pavement is usually cheaper and easier to install than concrete. The initial installation could save you a fair amount of cash. Another great thing about pavement is that it can be poured more easily over uneven surfaces. So, you can end up with a more natural walkway that is not perfectly flat. This also makes pavement cheaper and easier to install. Many people love the smooth, sloping feel of a pavement walkway.

The Maintenance

Most people will be worried about the practicality of owning pavement compared to concrete. Both surfaces are very low maintenance and durable. However, pavement is probably easier to repair especially for DIYers. That is, you can get affordable and easy to use pavement crack repair kits at any home improvement store. These kits are very easy to apply, and the patch job can look pretty good. Trying to patch and repair concrete is a little harder because it can be nearly impossible to match the texture of the concrete pores.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with using pavement instead of concrete around your home exterior. It looks great, lasts for a long time, and doesn't require any special maintenance. It is a great material for pretty much any exterior surface.

For further questions regarding whether paving is right for you, reach out to a residential paving contractor.

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