4 Tips To Improve Commercial Paving With The Right Drainage, Protective Coatings, And Painting For New Parking Areas

4 Tips To Improve Commercial Paving With The Right Drainage, Protective Coatings, And Painting For New Parking Areas

4 Tips To Improve Commercial Paving With The Right Drainage, Protective Coatings, And Painting For New Parking Areas

2 April 2020
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If you have a business with very little parking, investing in new parking facilities can be good for your business. When you install new parking facilities, you will want to seal and protect the pavement. A good paint job can also make the parking facility more attractive and functional. The following tips will help you choose the right paving solutions, seal coating and paint when adding parking to improve your business.

1. Drainage Solutions That Help Keep Your Parking Lot Free of Standing Water and Prevent Weather Damage

The drainage solutions for your parking lot some one of the first things to consider. This should start with good watershed as well as curbing. If you need to have more drainage for a larger parking lot, the drain lines should be installed before the new facility is paved. Talk with the paving contractor about the different options for drainage systems before you have the pavement installed.

2. Stamped Paving Designs That Help Give Commercial Parking Lots More Attractive Surfaces

When you get ready to have the pavement installed, you may want something more than just a plain flat surface. Therefore, you will want to consider stamped finishes for concrete or asphalt paving. These textured surfaces can be used to add attractive details as well as improve drainage of the paved areas.

3. Seal Coating to Provide an Extra Layer of Protection for Commercial Parking Lots

Seal coating is another option that you will want to consider for your pavement. The seal coating is an application of sealant that will help keep water from penetrating the pavement, which can cause erosion and winter weather damage. Seal coating will also help protect the pavement from wear due to exposure to direct sunlight.

4. Practical and Attractive Parking Lot Painting to Make Your New Facilities Functional

There are also options for painting to add practical attractive improvements that can be done to your pavement. These improvements include painting that may help sell the brand of your business with the right colors to represent your business. The paint can also be functional to help direct traffic and make your parking facility a safer place for clients.

These are some tips that will help you choose the right seal coating, paint and improvements for your new parking lot. If you are ready to improve your business with new parking facilities, contact a commercial paving contractor and talk to them about these solutions.

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