How To Keep Your Business Parking Lot Well-Maintained And Customer Friendly

How To Keep Your Business Parking Lot Well-Maintained And Customer Friendly

How To Keep Your Business Parking Lot Well-Maintained And Customer Friendly

11 March 2020
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The parking lot outside of your commercial building makes up a big part of your customer's first impression. And without a good parking lot in front of your building, your business will miss out on customer traffic as your customers may be deterred by its negative appearance and question its safety. Here are some recommendations you should make to your commercial parking lot to protect your business and the safety of your customers.

Repair and Resurface Pavement

Because the appearance of your business' storefront can either give your customers a good or bad impression from its condition, you need to focus some of your business' budget on keeping up on the exterior of your business. And a big part of your building's exterior is the parking lot and its condition. For example, if you have a pot-holed parking lot with fading stall lines and stains upon the asphalt, your building will look run-down and your business will have a low-quality appearance.

Take some time each month to inspect and repair your asphalt parking lot, cleaning off any vehicle fluids to minimize damage to the pavement's base layers. When vehicle fluids have already begun to soften the asphalt mixture, cut out the damaged area and replace it with new hot mix asphalt. Then, patch and fill in cracks and other hole damage to improve the parking lot's appearance.

Every few years you should hire a professional sealcoating treatment to protect your pavement. This will restore the look and condition of your parking surface and seal off previously filled cracks and patched holes.

Paint Lot Lines

After you have patched and filled damage on your pavement and sealed its surface with sealcoat treatment, you will need to repaint the parking lot lines across its surface. Not only is repainting new reflective lines a necessary part of maintaining your parking lot but also the new lines upon a fresh black surface will give your parking lot and your business' overall exterior condition an improved appearance.

Your professional asphalt team will be able to measure and apply new stall lines for the appropriate set-up of your parking lot. They will also be able to apply handicap-accessible stall lines and install any wheel stops in your lot.

Talk to your paving professional about hiring them to re-stripe the lines after they have faded from time, weather, and vehicle traffic. Your parking lot lines will last anywhere from one to two years before requiring to be repainted, depending on how much traffic you get through your lot.

For more information, contact a commercial paving service.

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