Parking Lot Striping For Your Business

Parking Lot Striping For Your Business

Parking Lot Striping For Your Business

8 May 2020
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You want your business's parking lot to offer customers a safe place to park their car. If your customer has a bad experience in your parking lot, such as getting in an accident or even coming out of your place of business to see a ding in the side of their door, they may think twice before returning to your place of business again. Since you want to retain your customers, these are just the types of things you want to protect all of your customers from. Plus, if your parking lot is a hard one to navigate, you can even end up with something horrible happening, such as having someone hit with a car when they are trying to come to your business.

Parking lot striping applied in your parking lot shows people where to go

One of the reasons why your customers may end up having a lot of fender benders in your parking lot is because there isn't a clear path laid out regarding where they would park and where they should drive. Once you make everything clear, you will find that there are a lot fewer incidents happening in your parking lot. The way for you to take care of this is to have parking lot striping put in your parking lot. You want to create parking spots that are far enough apart to safely accommodate your customer's cars. You also want to make sure you have the parking lot striped to show your customers which part of the parking lot to stay in when they are coming in and leaving. Arrows can show them which direction to go in if your parking lot doesn't have aisles that are wide enough to have two-way traffic going down them.

Parking lot striping can create walkways

Find the safest areas in the parking lot and have crosswalks striped in those areas. You want to make sure that those crosswalks are going to be visible to cars in all areas of the parking lot in that vicinity; this is how you are going to know that your customers will be safer when they walk in those crosswalks.

Parking lot striping can designate parking spaces

You are going to want to make sure you designate the closest parking spaces for handicapped customers. These spots should also be near the handicapped ramp if people in wheelchairs will need to go up a ramp in order to get into the doors of your business. Keep in mind that the ADA-compliant spaces will also need to be clearly marked as handicapped ones, so your customers will be clear on which ones they are.

For more information, contact a parking lot striping service.

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