What To Expect When Paving Your Driveway

What To Expect When Paving Your Driveway

What To Expect When Paving Your Driveway

20 May 2020
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Installing a new asphalt driveway can be a significant upgrade to any home and can increase the value of the property if done correctly. Hiring a residential asphalt paving contractor to do the work ensures the best results and can provide you with a driveway that will last for many years with a little maintenance each year. 

Preparing the Site

The first thing the residential asphalt paving contractors are going to do when they start your driveway is to prepare the ground for paving. The surface needs to be level, and if the area previously had a lot of water running through it, you may need to consider installing some drain tiles to remove the water. 

Once the area is level, the contractor may put some gravel down to stabilize the round under the pavement. The pavement can go right on the soil, but it is crucial to minimize the amount of shifting and movement that can occur under the asphalt so that the surface does not develop cracks or low spots over time. Proper preparation of the ground is the best way to ensure that cracks and damage remain low-risk.

Paving the Driveway

Once the driveway preparation is complete, the residential asphalt paving contractor will bring some equipment and a crew to your property and begin by applying a thin coat of asphalt to ensure everything is level and to give the full layer of asphalt something to adhere to. 

The paving contractor will apply the new asphalt over the skim coat and roll the surface flat. Once the asphalt is in place, the material will need to cure before you use it. In most cases, the driveway is useable very quickly because the asphalt never hardens like concrete does. Once rolled, the surface is compacted enough that your car tires are not likely to cause damage to the surface. 

Follow the paving contractor's guidelines for use before you do drive on it, and your new driveway should be fine. If the weather is extremely hot when the paving is completed, it can take a little longer for the asphalt to cool, and you may want to wait a day before driving on it.

Maintaining the Asphalt

Once your asphalt driveway is complete, there is very little you need to do to maintain it. You can wash it down with water as needed if there is a lot of dirt or sand on the driveway. Avoid spilling fuel or oil on the driveway if you can, but if you do, mild soap and water is the best way to clean it, and sealing the driveway before the harsh winter months with help protect the asphalt and extend the life of your new driveway.

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