Using Sealant To Protect Your Property's Paved Areas

Using Sealant To Protect Your Property's Paved Areas

Using Sealant To Protect Your Property's Paved Areas

4 June 2020
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Sealing your pavement and pavers can be an important part of maintaining your property. While this is a fairly minor type of work to have done, the protections that it can afford will be far outsized.

Address Any Cracks That Are Present

If there are cracks present in the pavement or the pavers, they will have to be addressed. Ideally, this will involve repairing these cracks before the sealant is applied. However, this may not always be an option. Luckily, it may be possible to seal the cracked portions of the pavement by using a specialized type of sealant that can protect these damaged areas. Most pavement sealing contractors will offer an initial estimate to help clients understand the costs and options available.  

Avoid Going Too Long Without Reapplying The Sealant

A sealant can be extremely durable and effective at protecting the pavement. However, the amount of exposure that these sealants will face can lead to them breaking down over time. As a result, if you go more than a few years without having the sealant reapplied, the protection that it offers can be compromised enough to leave the pavement at a higher risk of being damaged. Unfortunately, homeowners will often be bad about remembering when they had the sealant applied, which can make it harder to remember to reapply it on schedule. Making sure to thoroughly document the date that this work was done can make it much easier to remember to have this regular maintenance done on schedule.

Protect The Sealant From Vehicle Fluids

The fluids that can leak out of any vehicles that pass over the pavement can severely degrade the sealant if they are left in place for too long. This is due to the acidic nature of these substances, and regularly rinsing the pavement will be necessary for preventing this type of degradation. The frequency that this will be needed is largely determined by the amount of traffic. For example, a parking lot for a business may need to be thoroughly rinsed every week while a homeowner may only need to do this once every month or two.

If you are wanting to avoid the costs involved with having pavement replaced or resurfaced, the use of sealants will be necessary. By appreciating the immense protection that these sealants can provide as well as the basics of applying and caring for them, you will be better equipped to keep your pavement protected from common sources of wear.

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