4 Issues To Solve Before Doing Commercial Asphalt Paving

4 Issues To Solve Before Doing Commercial Asphalt Paving

4 Issues To Solve Before Doing Commercial Asphalt Paving

31 August 2022
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A commercial asphalt paving project involves more than laying down a new surface for a parking lot, street, or other feature. Customers need to prepare their locations for work, and that means these four issues should be on their minds.


Especially if you're bringing in a commercial asphalt paving services provider for the first time, it's a good idea to have a professional survey the location. A business parking lot, for example, needs to line up as cleanly as possible with connections. This will make the location look better, and it will minimize annoyances related to misalignments. Even if you have an established set of boundaries and won't be paving near the edges, a survey is a good idea to avoid making the location look slightly off.

You should also contact the utility companies that provide services to the property. They can mark where key underground systems might be. This will reduce the odds that a contractor will run heavy equipment over something like a gas, water, or sewer line and potentially cause damage.


Connections to other areas may require easements, especially if you have a property in a densely commercialized area. It is a good idea to learn who has the rights to the surrounding roadways and streets. This will avoid creating unnecessary conflicts. Wherever possible, try to obtain easements so everyone can get along. You may need to pay for an easement or post a bond to protect the connected area.

Street and Roadway Access

Talk with your local code compliance office before you connect any asphalt surfaces to the adjoining roads and streets. Many municipalities have rules regarding how you have to connect traffic from your property to the surrounding system. If it might interfere with local traffic, they may even ask you to commission a study to ensure you can minimize problems as much as possible. Once you've reached an amenable solution, you can then discuss it with the commercial asphalt paving services contractor.

Adjacent Features

Many locations also have adjacent features that can complicate commercial asphalt paving efforts. For example, there may be storm drains or culverts along the edges of driving areas or parking lots. Your property may also have manholes and other access covers. The contractors need to know where these are to avoid accidentally closing them. Likewise, they may need to note their presence so they can mill the edges a bit after completing the job to ensure proper drainage.

Reach out to a commercial asphalt paving services company to learn more.

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