Benefits Of Resurfacing Asphalt Parking Lots And Roadways

Benefits Of Resurfacing Asphalt Parking Lots And Roadways

Benefits Of Resurfacing Asphalt Parking Lots And Roadways

2 November 2022
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Asphalt surfaces offer durability and flexibility that some other materials may not, but maintenance is necessary to keep the surface in good shape. Resurfacing the asphalt every few years can help a significant impact on durability and performance while offering you some benefits at the same time.

Cracks And Potholes

Asphalt surfaces are strong enough to drive vehicles over all day, but if water gets under the surface, it can undermine the base and wash out the soil that supports the asphalt above. Cracks in the asphalt can allow water infiltration, so keeping the surface in good shape is critical. 

Sealing the asphalt with materials designed to fill the cracks and lock out the water is a great stop-gap, but when there is severe damage to the asphalt, the best option is to resurface it. Resurfacing replaces the surface material and restores the asphalt to like new condition. 

Aesthetically and functionally, resurfacing is an excellent choice that can be less expensive than replacing an entire lot or sealing the cracks and surface several times a year to try and extend the life of the parking lot or road surface. The process can take a little longer than sealing, but an experienced paving company can do the job quickly. 

Asphalt Resurfacing

Resurfacing works because it does not remove the base of the asphalt but only takes off the top inch or two of the surface where cracks and weathering occur. The paving company grinds the top surface and captures the material in a truck for recycling, sometimes on the spot or for use later on another project. 

The grinding leaves a grooved surface on top of the remaining asphalt, allowing the new material to work into the grooves and create a strong bond, locking the new and old asphalt together. The surface of the new asphalt is finished as if it were new material, and the methods used work well in parking lots, roadways, driveways, or anywhere there is an asphalt surface that needs repair.

When the job is complete, the asphalt looks new and will often last longer than sealing the surface, eliminating the need to return each year for more sealing. The contractor can break large parking areas or roadways into sections, which is extremely helpful for a business that needs to keep the parking lot or access roads open for customers and clients during resurfacing. 

Finding a contractor that will recycle the material they are removing is good for the environment and save you some cost because it can offset the amount of asphalt needed to complete the project. For more information on resurfacing, contact a professional near you.

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