Why You Should Start Recycling Asphalt At Your Commercial Property

Why You Should Start Recycling Asphalt At Your Commercial Property

Why You Should Start Recycling Asphalt At Your Commercial Property

7 December 2022
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Does your company have a large amount of asphalt on its property? Maybe you have multiple asphalt parking lots, asphalt walking paths, and asphalt shingles on your commercial roof. If you find yourself frequently in need of fresh asphalt for ongoing maintenance, or repair or replacement of existing asphalt installations, it might be worth looking into an asphalt recycling machine. Here's how recycling old asphalt and turning it into new asphalt might be a better choice than just buying new asphalt directly from a supplier.

Reduce Your Firm's Environmental Footprint

Is your company working on reducing its environmental impact? Every time you buy brand-new asphalt from a supplier, you may be contributing to the continued release of greenhouse gases. Going with recycled asphalt instead will reduce your environmental footprint because there won't be a need for some factory out there to produce more new asphalt to replace the amount you just purchased.

Recycling old asphalt and reusing it instead of disposing of it can also help the local community. This is because you'll keep your old asphalt on site instead of having it end up in a local landfill.

Reduce Costs and Boost Your Bottom Line

When you recycle asphalt instead of having to buy new asphalt, your materials cost will go way down. Reduced costs can lead to an improved bottom line over time. Yes, buying the asphalt recycling machine will cost money, but that is a one-time expense, and you'll slowly recoup that amount through reduced material costs before eventually coming out ahead.

Recycled Asphalt Provides Durability

If you are hoping to put down some asphalt that has some greater durability and a longer lifespan than what you've previously used, recycled asphalt can actually help you do that. That's because recycled asphalt comes out thicker than it was before and mixing recycled asphalt with new asphalt can make the entire mix more durable. This means the asphalt will develop fewer cracks in the months to come, allowing you to just leave it be for longer instead of always having to schedule your next maintenance or repair appointment.

Save Asphalt for Another Project

You don't have to immediately re-use the recycled asphalt you create with your new machine. If you have some asphalt left over after a project is complete, you could save it for another project that pops up down the line. Take recycled asphalt from a parking lot that you removed and turn it into asphalt shingles you can use to repair your roof in the years to come.

For more information, react an asphalt pavement recycler service near you.

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