Decorative Finishes To Consider With Parking Lot Paving

Decorative Finishes To Consider With Parking Lot Paving

Decorative Finishes To Consider With Parking Lot Paving

6 February 2023
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Are you having a parking lot installed by a paving contractor? While asphalt pavement is often thought of as a solid black slab with nothing more than a functional appeal, asphalt can be finished in different ways to offer aesthetic value. Much like concrete, different treatments and techniques can be used to alter the appearance of the finished project. If you want to elevate the appeal of the parking lot that surrounds your business, be sure total to the paving contractor about available options. Take a look at a few decorative options to consider with your upcoming parking lot paving project. 

Stamped Geometric Designs 

Geometric designs can be stamped into the asphalt right after installation. The contractor uses a roller that is outfitted with stamps that cut grooves into the surface instead of pressing the asphalt into the iconic smooth-surface finish. You may have several options depending on the company you work with to get the project complete. For example, you may have the option of having uniform octagonal patterns stamped into the asphalt. The finished parking lot will have a unique surface design, but also be better for traction for people walking on the surface. 

Mimicked Paver Stone Finish 

Paver stones have grown to be a popular option for residential applications. However, paver stones don't always fare well in high-traffic areas like parking lots. To get that same visual appeal, you can have the upper surface of an asphalt surface finished to mimic the look of paver stones. When the asphalt is still in the process of curing, the contractor will use industry-grade, heated stamps to make impressions in the asphalt. Then, a sealer is used to further solidify the patterns on the surface. 

Colored Asphalt Surface 

If you are not too big on the idea of simply having a black parking lot, there are decorative options available that can change the finished color. Dyes and pigmentation particles can be used to change the color of the top layer of the asphalt. You can even opt for a mixture of colors paired with something like a stamped geometric design to add more depth to the full parking lot and its design. This is a good way to make your parking area more aligned with the style or brand of your business. For example, if you have a landscaping outlet store, you could opt for a green finish to make your parking lot stand out. 

For more information on parking lot paving, contact a company near you.

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