Know The Factors That Alter The Cost Of Asphalt Paving

Know The Factors That Alter The Cost Of Asphalt Paving

Know The Factors That Alter The Cost Of Asphalt Paving

11 May 2023
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Do you have a stretch of crumbling concrete that you want to replace with brand-new asphalt? This is a job that you are going to need to hire a professional for and pay for their assistance. However, you are likely wondering how much an asphalt paving job is going to cost you before you get started. Here are a few factors that will impact the amount that you pay. 

The Square Footage

The biggest factor that will impact the price of the job is the square footage. As you may imagine, a larger area to pave will require more asphalt, which will make it cost more money. You can expect to pay between $2 to $4 for a square foot of asphalt, which can add up quite quickly. Thankfully, asphalt is still cheaper in comparison to concrete, which costs between $4 to $6 per square foot. You also need to think about how thick the asphalt will be since every bit of extra depth adds to the raw material cost of the project.

The Terrain

The terrain that you are installing the asphalt on can also make a big difference in the labor cost to install it. A more complicated terrain is going to result in higher costs. For example, most people have a simple driveway that is straightforward on a flat surface. A driveway that is the same length, but with a higher slope and a slight curve, is going to cost more money to install. 

The Asphalt Type

Were you aware that there are different types of asphalt? This is something you'll want to talk to an asphalt contractor about so that you can understand the different grades and why one may be worth it over the other. You may find it worthwhile to pay for premium-grade asphalt because it has higher durability that can help the material resist cracking. 

The Preparation

You may be wondering how much work needs to be done to prepare the surface for asphalt paving. All of that old cement will need to be removed if you are replacing a driveway, which has labor and waste disposal costs involved. Even if you are not replacing old concrete, soil compacting still needs to be done before any asphalt is poured. 

Have more questions about having a surface paved? Reach out to an asphalt paving contractor in your area for more information about their services.

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