How To Take Care Of Your Asphalt In The Summer

How To Take Care Of Your Asphalt In The Summer

How To Take Care Of Your Asphalt In The Summer

16 March 2020
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Throughout the warmest months of the year, you may find yourself staying inside more so that you can take advantage of the air conditioning system. However, you want to take care of your property's exterior, particularly your asphalt driveway. The hot temperature can take a toll on asphalt surfaces. Because of its jet black color, it can absorb the rays of the sun and its heat. Keep reading to learn a few tips on how to take care of your asphalt this summer.

Reduce the Temperature

When the temperatures skyrocket, it can be refreshing to sip on a cold drink, take a dip in the swimming pool, or something similar. However, you don't want to forget about your asphalt surfaces. That heat can result in the asphalt softening and expanding, which can lead to cracks and divots in the surface. However, similar to the way you cool off, you can cool off the asphalt. Simply take a garden hose and spritz the surface with water throughout the day.

Relieve the Pressure

As the asphalt gets hot, it will become vulnerable to damage. When the asphalt hardens overnight, the damage will become permanent. Because of this, it is important to avoid parking on the driveway if the vehicle will be there all day long. If your vehicle will only be there for a short period of time, then that's fine. However, heavy objects like boats, recreational equipment, building materials, etc. should not be on the surface for over a couple of hours during the summer to avoid unnecessary damage to the asphalt.

Focus on Repairs

The asphalt will expand and contract as it absorbs heat during the day and cools down overnight. After weeks of this process occurring, damage will be seen. You may begin to see cracks in the surface, eventually leading to potholes and possibly even significant structural damage. As soon as flaws are seen in the asphalt paving, it is important to reach out to a professional asphalt paving contractor in your area to have the damage repaired before the issues have a chance to worsen and cause even more damage, resulting in more expensive repairs.

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to protect your asphalt surface throughout the hot summer months or if you notice damage to your asphalt surface, get in touch with an asphalt paving contractor from your local area.

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