Three Causes Of Asphalt Parking Lot Problems

Three Causes Of Asphalt Parking Lot Problems

Three Causes Of Asphalt Parking Lot Problems

28 April 2020
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A damaged parking lot is both an eye sore and a liability issues. Customers may judge your business on the state of your parking lot. Even worse, a badly maintained lot can lead to damaged cars or even injuries -- both things that you as the business owner can be held liable for. Know the main causes of asphalt damages so you can do what is necessary to prevent problems.

1: UV Damage

The sun, in particular the ultraviolet rays and heat of the sun, can be very damaging to asphalt over time. UV breaks down the surface of the lot, which can cause fading a small cracks. Water and debris can get into these cracks and push them apart, leading to more involved damages. Heat also softens the asphalt, making it prone to rutting from repeated traffic. Fortunately, you can mitigate sun damages by having your lot sealcoated every couple of years. This protective coating helps protect against UV damage, as well as stains and moisture. Even better, a new sealcoat can even out the color of faded asphalt so it looks nearly new again.

2: Erosion

Erosion issues typically occur due to bad drainage. Any low spots in the lot need to route into a storm drain, otherwise water will collect in the area. Come winter, this water can freeze, break apart the asphalt, and develop into a pot hole. Existing dips that form due to rutting or settling of the pavement can cause the same problem to develop. The best fix is to have a drain installed if the low spot can't be repaired. Otherwise, you can have the lot resurfaced and leveled to fix any low spots.

3: Poor Maintenance

A single crack or small hole in the asphalt may not seem like a big deal at first, but if it isn't repaired the crack can widen and the small hole can become a large, crumbling pot hole. Walk your lot at least once a week to assess any developing damages. Make sure drains are cleared so water flows freely off the lot. If you discover cracks and holes, call in your asphalt service so they can patch the damage promptly. Further, it's a good idea to have the lot cleaned regularly to prevent stains so it is easier to spot new damages before they become severe.

Contact an asphalt maintenance service for further assistance today.

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