Tips To Consider When You Plan To Patch And Repair Your Asphalt

Tips To Consider When You Plan To Patch And Repair Your Asphalt

Tips To Consider When You Plan To Patch And Repair Your Asphalt

6 January 2021
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Asphalt repairs and maintenance are an expected part of keeping your asphalt a solid and stable paving material. With the help of paving crews or your own DIY materials, be sure you complete repairs in a timely manner to keep your asphalt intact. Here are some recommendations to consider when your driveway has begun to crack and needs some patching repairs.

Check the Weather

As a first recommendation in applying your own asphalt patching repairs, you should always check the weather before you start on the project. When the weather is wet, it can affect the application process and interfere with the asphalt's cure time. And if the weather is cold, this will speed up the time in which the asphalt will harden in place, causing it to crack and crumble, especially if the ground is frozen.

It is better to apply a hot mix asphalt patch material between spring and fall when the ground is thawed out and there is no frost in the weather. However, if you need to apply an emergency patch during the winter, a cold mix patch material is recommended along with the proper preparation of the site.

Use the Right Product

The type of materials you apply into your asphalt's cracks and holes will also make a big difference. The base of the crack or hole should be cleaned out to remove rubble bits and any loose materials left over from the failed asphalt. If there was a gravel base installed below your asphalt, be sure you compact this into place before adding asphalt mix. Your asphalt contractor can also help establish a solid base and complete the repairs.

Wait Before Follow-Up

Once you have applied the proper patching materials onto your asphalt damage, you will need to wait a bit before you can use the asphalt in a regular manner. The patches will be soft for a day or two, depending on the weather, and you need to be careful where you park a vehicle upon them. Don't park your vehicle right on top of the patch because this can cause the patch to depress downward and leave a mark in the patch. However, you can drive over the patches as much as you need to, as doing so will compress the patch and help harden it into the surface.

And if you plan to apply a sealcoat protection onto your asphalt surface, be sure you wait several months before applying it based on the recommendations of your asphalt professional. Your asphalt surface needs time to cure fully before you can apply a fresh sealcoat layer.

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