Factors That Affect Excavation Methods

Factors That Affect Excavation Methods

Factors That Affect Excavation Methods

28 April 2021
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When you want to install paving on your property, you need to first prepare the land. For instance, you need to remove all trees, rocks, and boulders to create space for your pavement. Additionally, a firm foundation is paramount for the pavement to remain sturdy even when earthquakes or floods hit your area. This method only ensures your pavement will last longer. To successfully carry out these groundworks, you need excavators to help. However, contractors don't excavate land haphazardly. The excavators have to choose an appropriate excavation method that suits the nature of the construction project. Here are the main factors that excavators consider when choosing excavation methods.

Type of Subsoil

Contractors usually visit the site and carry out a geotechnical survey. The survey sheds light on the subsoil below your property, which helps choose the excavation equipment to use. For instance, doing deep excavation in a property with soft subsoil requires shoring. This is a technique that entails providing support to the walls around the trenches to prevent collapse.


During excavation, contractors need to use methods that protect the site against groundwater. Excess groundwater can cause flooding on the site, deterring operations. If your property's location is in a high water table area, contractors may utilize pumps to eliminate the water as the groundworks are ongoing. Alternatively, the experts may use waterproof sheet piling to prevent groundwater from filling the ditches.

Project Scale

The scale of your excavation project affects the methods that excavators will utilize on your property. For instance, sequence excavation may be excellent for excavating small areas. Sequencing helps in the proper planning of the groundwork. Hence, excavators can open up the site for trucks and other excavation equipment. Without sequencing, contractors may face difficulty ferrying debris away from the construction site.

Areas Surrounding Your Site

The surrounding areas of your site also affect excavation. For instance, having a building close to the excavation site may require the excavator to fortify the structure's foundation to prevent crumbling when the surrounding soil shifts during excavation. Additionally, the preliminary survey helps determine whether the site has drainage pipes. If so, the excavators usually divert the drainage to avoid damaging the lines, resulting in flooding of the site.

The factors that influence the selection of excavation techniques include the project scale, type of the subsoil, groundwater, and surrounding conditions. By considering these factors, excavators can choose ideal excavation methods.

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